Wu Fung Desserts

Hi everyone!

My family and I have been going to Wu Fung Desserts for years, and so of course, we had to come again right as I arrived home for the summer. The name is a little deceiving, as we have never actually ordered any dessert dishes from here, but we are huge fans of their Hong Kong style deep fried chicken wings and hot noodles in soup!


For the evening, we had ordered:

  1. 3 bowls of soup noodles (my mom ordered these and I’m not sure how she built the dish, but it was filled with chicken wings and marinated eggs!)
  2. A set of chicken wings – a must have!
  3. 2 iced HK style milk teas
  4. A side of 2 marinated eggs
  5. A bowl of curry fish balls


The noodles were amazing, as always! We ordered marinated eggs on the side not knowing that the noodles came with them… so next time, keep that in mind! The contrast between the hot soup and the cold milk tea was perfect.


The chicken wings here are a MUST HAVE. Crispy on the outside, hot and juicy on the inside. My family always gets the wings and it’s because they’re so delicious!

As for whereabouts, Wu Fung Desserts is located in Aberdeen mall, quaintly tucked into the upper level food court! Take a left as soon as you get off the escalator and head straight (you’ll pass by Beard Papa’s and a Japanese curry shop). The food stall should be to your right, once you pass the curry shop.



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