Phnom Penh

I’ve just started up this blog, and so I’m creating posts like crazy trying to get some content up to fill all this empty space. I hope no one minds! I’ll keep this post simple though, since it is getting late and I’ve already written too much today.

Anyways, Phnom Penh. This restaurant is a Vancouver classic – I mean, can you really call yourself a Vancouverite if you’ve never had Phnom Penh’s famous deep fried chicken wings? 

Phnom Penh’s chicken wings! These are a MUST have – they’re super crispy, garlic-ky, and come with the most scrumptious lemon juice/white & black pepper dipping sauce.

So of course, we ordered their famous chicken wings. As always, they were amazing.

In addition, I also ordered a rice dish. I typically go for their dry egg noodles, but I saw lots of people around me with rice dishes and wanted to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised! I decided to go all out and get the BBQ lemongrass pork chops with shredded pork and ham on rice, which was amazing (don’t get me wrong), but next time I think I’ll just settle for regular BBQ Lemongrass Pork Chops on rice (sans the shredded pork and ham). I really enjoyed the pork chops, they paired amazing with the aroma of the rice. I was not so much a fan of the shredded pork and ham, which is why I’ll be leaving them out the next time.


This was a great switch-up from my usual noodle order, which incase you were wondering, comes with a soup on the side (as did this rice dish). Each time I’ve come, the soup has been a pork-bone broth, the kind where the pork is super soft and slides right off the bone! Keep in mind that you do have to ask for this if you want the soup, it’s complimentary with most dishes but you need to acknowledge to the staff that you want it.

Next time around (and I’m sure there will be a next time), I’m hoping to try their also-famous butter beef dish as well as their papaya salad. Till next time, Phnom Penh!

Whereabouts: Phnom Penh is located in Chinatown, at E 244 Georgia Street. Same street and block as Matchstick Coffee, Ramen Butcher, and Fat Mao noodles. The store is fairly busy – so make sure to get there early if you don’t want a long wait!




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