The Pawn Shop

I love tacos. So, when I came across a Daily Hive Vancouver post with the words “$1 tacos” in the title, I was automatically sold.

I’ve been to various different taco stops and shops before, and heard of many others, but was completely unaware of The Pawn Shop’s existence, until just recently. I’m super glad I found out about this place though, because it is an absolute gem and the Happy Hour deals here are amazing.


I went with a close childhood friend of mine/ex-housemate (separating on a good note!) and between the two of us, we had ordered:

  • A beer ($3.95)
  • A spiked slush ($4.95)
  • Cheese tots ($9.95)
  • And 7 tacos ($1 each!)


The deal was, as long as you ordered a drink, all tacos would be $1 each (with a maximum of 5 tacos). I tried taking advantage of this deal by ordering 5 tacos – this backfired, because I underestimated how much I could eat and had to ask my friend to help me finish them all!

As well, I didn’t take a picture of my spiked slush, but I have to say I was a little bit disappointed with it. It wasn’t so much a slush, but just a mixed drink of tonic water and a lot of vodka. I appreciate that they didn’t cheap out on the alcohol component of the drink, but my first sip of my slush was straight vodka – kind of unpleasant. If the drink had more of an iced consistency to it, I would have liked it far more. I would recommend the beers instead!


My friend and I split a set of cheese tater tots which, for $9.95, came out as a pretty small portion. Nonetheless, the tater tots were delicious and crispy – and they included cheese (even better, cheese is my weakness)! I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these as they were fairly expensive given the size, but they still did taste pretty good!

Overall, The Pawn Shop was a great experience. It’s located on Granville Street, about 2 blocks past Urban Outfitters (located close to where the old Tom Lee used to be). The store definitely had a great vibe to it and felt more like a casual club as opposed to a restaurant (they had their music blasting pretty loudly- which I love!!).

Definitely would recommend coming here for happy hour (3-6pm everyday), so long as you stick with their beers and $1 taco deals.


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